Customer Reviews- SilkBalance For Spas

No More Eczema or Rash

Hello Mrs. Cunningham,

"I'm a family physician in his sixties. Over the years my skin has gotten drier, and during the winter I get eczema rashes. I had to limit my use of my Olympic Hot Tub (the Bengal) to once a week or less. Any more frequently increased the itchy rash. This was a big disappointment to me because the hot tub has long been part of my stress management. When I get into the tub, the stress just melts away. The family is also the beneficiary of my better mood!

SilkBalance Seattle, WA

I was in the showroom, buying some more Spa Shock, when I saw someone with this tear-shaped orange bottle. He was telling the salesperson that he used the Silk treatment weekly, and since he did, his skin was much better. Having overheard him and sensing his delight with the product, I decided to try it myself.

I purged the tub and filled it with fresh water, according to the instructions. I did not use the Calcium Hardener, but did use the shock, Silk, and a bit of chlorine. Then I started using the tub daily. What is truly amazing is that my dry skin and rash have diminished dramatically. The water feels soft on my skin, and my sense is that the natural oils are not washed away as much with the softer water. I also enjoy the feel of the softer water compared to the Calcium hardened water.

The further benefit is that I don't have to check the chemical balance of the tub anymore. I just trust that with weekly application of the Silk, the balance will be maintained appropriately.

I've been using the Silk weekly ever since. My skin continues to be way better, and I need way less moisturizing and cortisone creams. I'm afraid I've become a true believer."

Hope that's helpful. My bottle of Silk is near gone. Let me know when
I can drop by and pick up another.

Warm thanks,

Bruce Davis
Seattle, WA


SilkBalance Hartfield, Virginia

YIPEE! No more constant measuring and testing since we have started using "Silk Balance". The almost daily task of testing the water in our hot tub to make sure that it was just right, and determining what chemicals to add, are no longer necessary. What a relief!

Since beginning the Silk Balance program, we no longer suffer from hot tub rash. We became very hesitant to use new hot tub after it was obvious that we were having reaction to the various chemicals necessary to maintain our tub. We were so desperate that we had almost decided to get rid of the hot tub. Thanks to discovering the new product on the market (Silk Balance), we can now use and enjoy our hot tub with complete confidence that we will not suffer with any itchy, red rash any more.

The water has a very silky, smooth feeling when using "Silk Balance". It is almost hard to describe. While in the tub, we have a very "squeaky clean" feeling to our skin, and also to the sides of the tub interior. In other words, we are very happy to have become users of Silk Balance!

Phil & Brigitte Perrine
Hartfield, Virginia


Hi Alice,

A couple of weeks ago we purchased Silk Balance. I was so impressed with the testimonials we signed up for the auto ship. I have suffered with dry skin and eczema for a number of years and haven't been able to hottub much since then. My skin feels so soft and there is no dry flaky skin after drying off. It's wonderful. It is so much easier to maintain the tub.

Jim & Doris Zopfi
Lynnwood ,WA

SilkBalance Lynnwood WA

SilkBalance Issaquah, WA

Dear Olympic Hot Tub Company,

We've been the proud owners of a Hot Springs Vanguard tub since we moved into our new house over 6 years ago, and have been very happy with both the product and your excellent service. It's been a trouble-free experience, and my wife and I as well as our teenage kids enjoy our tub regularly.

However, I had to write and tell about how Silk Balance has revolutionized our tub experience. I've been pretty meticulous about keeping after the water chemistry and while it wasn't too hard, it took time and was one more thing on a long list of chores. I first used the water testing kit and later the electronic tester, which made it a bit easier, but I still found myself chasing the pH and alkalinity levels around from time to time.

Then when I was in the store one day buying more supplies, the guys mentioned Silk Balance to me. It sounded good, so I bought a bottle and gave it a try. What a difference: no more hassles, no more playing chemist, just pour it weekly in and forget it. But wait - there's more! I never expected the huge change in how the water feels, so comfortable and it doesn't dry your skin out. And as a psoriasis sufferer, I can tell you that that feature alone is priceless.

Thank you for continuing to evolve the tubbing and relaxation experience for us stressed-out customers!


York Baur
Issaquah, WA


To the folks at Olympic Hottub Company
Hi Dan,

My wife and I just purchased a new Jetsetter hot tub. We are using the Silkbalance water care system and we love it. We used chlorine alone in our old hot tub, and my wife had to limit her exposure to the water because her skin was quite sensitive. With the Silkbalance system, she has been able to go hot tubbing every day, and has not experienced any skin irritation or redness. The Silkbalance system really works as advertised. Now we are wondering why we went without it for the last seventeen years.

Walter Livingston
Bellevue, WA

SilkBalance Bellevue WA
SilkBalance Sammamish WA

Dear Sir/Madam:

Karen & George Cowan own a Hot Spring's Sovereign hot tub. They have been using SilkBalance for the last month and her daughter's eczema skin problem has gotten considerable better. In the past, Gina would break out in rashes from using the spa and Karen has been using a prescription medicine on her legs to help the rash and the itching. Gina loves using the hot tub and this new product has made it much easier for Gina to continue to use the spa w/o breaking out in rashes. The entire family, including myself, have noticed a difference in our skin from using this products.


Karen Cowan
Sammamish, WA


Dear Alice,

Thank-you...Thank-you!!! We have been hottubbing for over twenty years and believe that using SilkBalance now will enable us to continue using our spa everyday. After battling with really dry skin for over a year, we switched from regular chlorine to SilkBalance. The dry skin went away almost immediately. We hottub every morning and just love the way the water feels and smells now that we use SilkBalance.

Brian & Kim Hoonan
Olympia, WA

SilkBalance Olympia WA

SilkBalance Sammamish WA

To the folks at The Hottub Company
Hi Dan,

I have been unable to use my hot tub for years as I have been affected by folliculitis every time I go into the tub. This does not affect my family, just me. The redness and itching lasts for about a week, and although the hot tub feels great, it has just not been worth the pain. I was recently introduced to the Silk product while buying supplies from your store. I followed the instructions, used the purge product before changing the water, and was more than pleasantly surprised to find out I had no reaction after enjoying my first hot tub in years. It is a great product, easy to use and very effective. I plan on using Silk going forward.


Michael Johnson


My name is Megan Cox and I love using my parents' hot tub. However, I have had problems with dry, itchy skin after using it. Now since they've changed to SilkBalance, I enjoy the hot tub so much more!

My skin feels so soft and I no longer have any itching problems.

Thank you SilkBalance, for this natural product that works so well.

Megan Cox




Hanson Hot Springs Spas,

We switched to the SilkBalance water care system and were concerned about the asking price, but decided to give it a try. We greatly enjoy the benefits of the odorless formula and how it prevented our skin from becoming dry. It's also very nice not to have to measure chemicals and adjust them. We love using our Hot Springs hot tub and the SilkBalance water care system.


Short Family


SILK BALANCE IS THE BOMB! I am a first-time hot tubber and started out with the standard chemicals. We were all itchy and had dry skin. We came to Great Atlantic with our problem, and they told us about Silk Balance. I decided to try it. Iâ??ve waited four months to be sure I was happy with it. We all love it! Itâ??s easy! I put 4 ounces in once a week, and my water is crystal clear. The water is silky and my skin is smoothâ??absolutely no dry skin! I totally recommend it to everyone. Try itâ??make sure it works for youâ??it will! Itâ??s a great product.





Dear SilkBalance

My husband and I were looking as spas in October 2009. We went to Hot Springs Spa in Centerville, Ohio and talked with the Becky who was our salesperson. She recommended Silkbalance as water treatment as I have very sensitive skin. Our spa was delivered on November 30th and set up using SilkBalance.

What I noticed first was the lack of unpleasant odor. I was used to the "chlorine" odor associated with spas and was pleasantly surprised to see that there was very little smell at all. I find that the water does not dry out my skin or cause cracking and redness. I use the spa almost daily to help with my fibromyaliga and neuropathy and tend to stay in at least 20-30 minutes at a time. I have had no adverse reactions or unpleasant side effects. Thank you for developing such a great product and getting it to the spa dealerships so that people with sensitive skin can get the pain relief without developing other medical conditions.

Maggie Conley
Englewood, Ohio


To those wondering.

Silk has worked out great. Less hassle equals more tub time and no worries."

Jenise Crane
Seattle, WA

SilkBalance Seattle WA



Dear Sharon c/o great Atlantic Spas

I have tried Clorine, Bromine, silver the work. They all took time, testing and constant upkeep.

Then, I tried Spa Balance and now have reduce my monitoring to once a week adding and shocking. It is almost like the Ronco commercial: "Set it and forget it" you "Add it and forget it." The water feels actually soft and you do not feel dry skin when you get out.



My husband of 33 years only went in the spa with me when we first filled it with fresh water and before we added the chemicals. Now, with Silk Balance, for the first time ever he can enjoy the water every day without the horrible itchy rash he usually gets from going in the spa. We love to enjoy the spa on a cold winter night where we can watch the stars and relax together.

Jody Wilson
Coeur dâ??Alene, Idaho

SilkBalance Idaho



Looky here-it's our Silk Balance testimonial!

We're on our third Hot Spring spa, currently a 2005 Jet Setter. Each model just keeps getting better. A bit over a year ago, I started having some skin sensitivity after using the spa. We tried a bit of everything, from closer chemistry monitoring, to add in products and more frequent water changouts.

And then along came Silk Balance.

The claims seemed a bit too good to be true. It was the type of product or system I had been looking for, but couldn't seem to find--add it once and no more chemistry monitoring. Given the current state of non-use of our spa, it seemed worthy a try.

I wish I could say it completely solved the problem, but not quite. Yet, it's come close, and I have high hopes for the long term. Our water feels and smells much better, and the simplicity of maintenance is a dream.

It has not been hard to get back into the habit of using the spa a few times each week--much easier than staying out!

We just replaced some older shock and chlorine that we had been using, ordered a new cover, and have high hopes that with Silk Balance we'll back to daily use before the spring!

Craig Weindling
Bothell, WA


My daughter and I both love the hot tub but we both have sensitive skin. It had gotten so bad for my little girl that she could no longer get in the hot tub with the rest of the family. We followed all the instructions about cleaning the tub and changing the water and keeping up with the weekly and monthly treatments but it didnn't seem to help. She would just get too itchy later in the evening. When we heard about Silk Balance we thought we would give it a try to see if helped she and I be less itchy after getting out of the tub.

We were hoping that Silk Balance might help us both with our sensitive skin. After about a month we can report that it has helped significantly. While my daughters sensitive skin still bothers her occasionally after being in the hot tub she doesn't wake up in the middle of the night crying and itching. It was so sad for her not to join us in the hot tub and now everyone is thrilled that we can spend a little time together in the evening looking at the stars while we are warm and cozy in the tub.


Neil McCarthy
Seattle, WA


SilkBalance Chesapeake, VA

I switched to Silk Balance about 6 months ago after going to the spa store to by the numerous chemicals for a water change. The store had a display of Silk Balance and is struck me what a time-saver this product would be. No more testing, measuring and keeping so many different chemicals on hand. The spa water is clear and clean, and our skin feels so soft and silky after using the spa. My daughters developed a small dry skin rash that we attributed to the chemicals in the spa. That has since stopped since we switched to Silk Balance. It's a wonderful product!


Chris Cleaver
Chesapeake, VA


To Olympic Hottub Company

We loved our Limelight Hot Tub Flair model from the first day we got it. The economical operating cost and low upkeep is great, but after a year of using it we noticed we weren't going in it as much because we were starting to have dry skin problems. Then we switched to SilkBalance natural water care for spas. What a difference SilkBalance made! No more dry skin, no weekly testing, and always crystal clear water that you don't even feel the need to shower off after use. Thanks for continuing to keep improving our hot tub.

Pat and Cindy McDermott

SilkBalance Union,WA


SilkBalance Scarborough Maine

Hi My name is Michael Hogan and I have been using Silk Balance for 6 months. My wife is allergic to chlorine and couldn't go in the hot tub. Now we are back to having our morning coffee in the hot tub. What a way to start the day.

Thank you,

Mike & Janet Hogan
Scarborough Maine



Thanks for developing the spa treatment. My daugher has always had skin issues with older methods of treatment. Since using SilkBalance she has been fine. My family is thankful for the introduction to the product and we are enjoying our tub as faily again. I would highly recoomend that hot tub fans discover the new world of SilkBalance. It is just that simple.

The Kelley's


SilkBalance Vacaville CA

Hello Dan.

We purchased a Spa from Nancy at your Roseville CA store in November 2009. On the day we put down the deposit, a customer overheard us discussing which chemicals to use and highly recommended the Silk Balance system over any other. This is the second Hot Springs Spa we have owned and love this basically, carefree maintenance, compared to the bromine spa we had before. We also like the Silk Balance because we don't smell like chemicals or get dry/scaly skin when we get out of the spa.

I have attached a picture of us for the testimonial. If you need us to be in the spa for the pic or need additional information, just email me back and let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Rocky and Kathyn
Vacaville CA


Good Afternoon ~,

My husband and I love our hot tub and use it daily for at least an hour. It has been a blessing to my husband who no longer has any arthritic pain since we got the hot tub.

Unfortunately, I have very sensitive skin and was getting a terrible rash from the chemicals. I had to use a prescription ointment to get rid of the rash which continued to reappear. My doctor advised that I stop using the hot tub which was not something that we wanted to do.

The wonderful staff at Mainely Tubs in Scarborough Maine suggested I try Silk Balance as an alternative to the chemicals I was using. I have now been using Silk Balance for almost a year and NO RASH!!!

Silk Balance is so easy to use and it keeps our water crystal clear.

Thanks Silk Balance & Mainely Tubs!!!

Pam & Don Smith
Scarborough Maine

SilkBalance Scarborough Maine

SilkBalance Bellevue, WA

Dear SilkBalance,

Some say "Got Milk". We say "Got Silk". We are on our second Hot Springs hot tub. The first one did not use the Silk Balance program. Now, using Silk Balance, we can hot tub each night and not end up with dry, cracked skin.

So, take your choice on how you want to get smooth skin ?Got Milk, or Got Silk!

Bellevue, WA


Silk Balance has been a big hit in the household.

My wife is raving about the silky smoothness of her skin in comparison to the pre-Silk Balance days and as a result has become more of a regular user.

I appreciate the easier maintenance routine.

The bottle is pretty cute too!

B. Hicks
Clifton, VA

SilkBalance Clifton, VA



SilkBalance Seattle, WA

Dear Alice,

I purchased our first bottle of SilkBalance a couple of months ago after asking some questions last time we were in your Seattle Olympic Hot Tub store to purchase replacement chemicals for our Spa. Increasingly, since we purchased our spa a couple of summers ago, I have developed skin sensitives to the chemicals we were using. To the point where I really had to avoid using the spa with any regularity.

After some discussion with one of your reps I purchased a bottle of SilkBalance and we switched over to using that system for our Spa. It has made a significant difference for me. While I still have to be careful about how often I use our SPA at least now I can go in once a week or so without disastrous consequences (itchiness and rash). We have also been enjoying the ease of maintaining our spa with this system! It certainly is a lot simpler. Thank you to the staff person who originally suggested this.

Spa, Vanguard
Seattle, WA


Hi Alice

Just wanted to let you know, we started using SilkBalance in our Envoy Hot tub last week, and boy, can we tell the difference! Attached is a picture of my husband Dave. I heard about SilkBalance about 4 months ago, right after I had just drained/refilled my hot tub and cleaned the filters. Jon Hutter at the Issaquah store gave me a demonstration of the difference between a hot tub with SilkBalance and one without. I was hooked. When it was time to drain the hot tub this month, I took my husband Dave into the store. Jon demonstrated the difference. We switched to SilkBalance that day. Many thanks to Jon for walking us through the drain/purge steps and getting the water balanced to add the SilkBalance. Our skin is truly silky after getting out of the hot tub, even the next day. We are so glad we made the switch, and would recommend it to any Olympic Hot Tub owners. And again, kudos to Jon for all of the help! He is #1 in Customer Service.

J& D Rinn
Sammamish, WA

SilkBalance Sammamish, WA



SilkBalance North Bend, WA

Dear Alice,

Since purchasing it we use our hot tub almost every day and noticed the drying effect regular chemicals had. We have been using SilkBalance now for a month. It makes the water feel much nicer with no hassles balancing and also leaving our skin soft and not dry.

Dick and Pat Breneman
North Bend, WA


To Alice at Olympic Hot Tub,

I am happy to share my experience with SilkBalance with you all. Before I started using SilkBalance if was experiencing a continuous difficulty with dry skin. Since using SilkBalance my skin is never dry even when I have spent 2 hours in my Hot Springs Hot Tub enjoying the conversation of friends. SilkBalance has also totally eliminated the cloudy water issues I use to have frequently. I am totally in LOVE with SilkBalance and feel it is well worth the extra cost. It means I can enjoy my Hot Springs Spa even more.

Thanks SilkBalance!

Barb Apple

SilkBalance McKenna,WA


SilkBalance Napa CA

Dear Dan

I can’t say enough about this product, its worth every penny because it doesn’t let you down!

It actually does everything it says it will do and more. Now my wife is always in the spa with me because her skin is no longer sensitive to anything in the water . The water feels awesome, it’s clear , its easy, its soft , its wonderful.

Thank you SilkBalance

Harlan Moore
Napa, CA


Dear SilkBalance

Besides the entire family loving our new Olympic Hot tub, we love the Silk Balance Product, I don't think we can live without it now that we have it! My oldest son is very fair sensitive skin, and before with the traditional chlorine products you put in your hot tub, he wasn't able to get in the hot tub because he always broke out in a rash. Silk balance doesn't do that, and he enjoys family hot tub time now ( he is the boy in the picture).

Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!

Amy Noah
Lacey, WA

SilkBalance Lacey WA



SilkBalance Issaquah WA

Dear Olympic Hot Tub Company,

We heard about Silk Balance when we went in to get spa shock for the hot tub. The sales man asked if we had heard about Silk Balance. We were a little doubtful at first but decided to give it a try.

We're glad we decided to try it - Silk Balance has made my wife very happy. She enjoys reading in the hot tub but the water would dry out her skin and cause it to itch. Since using silk balance her skin doesn't get dried out, itching has gone a way. Silk balance is easy to use and has made our hot tub use even more enjoyable.

John Varney
Issaquah, WA


Hello Sharon,

Patrick and Barbara here writing to tell you how great the Silk Balance is for our hot tub. We love it! It's made using our hot tub even better, and it feels great on our skin and eliminates all the sentivity. We would highly recommend it to anyone, and especially to people with sensitive skin.


Patrick and Barbara Owen

SilkBalance Lacey WA




Silk Balance

We originally chose the Hot Spa because we loved the water system that didn't use high doses of smelly chlorine or bromine. The water was clear and clean and smelled fresh. Alas, even with this system my husband had some skin problems. He usually found it necessary to shower after soaking in the tub and sometimes even had to use Benadryl to stop some itchy patches.

Since changing to Silk Balance he has had no skin problems at all. He has not had to shower after soaking. The water always smells fresh and clean.

It's so much easier not to have to check ph levels or fuss with calcium hardness, alkalinity or enzymes.

Silk Balance is pretty much ha foolproof system.


Diane an Charlie Brown


My grandson and I love to hot tub when he visits. before I discovered SILK BALANCE we used chlorine in the hot tub. AFter we got out our skin was irritated and dry so we have to lotion up. With Silk Balance, we don't have to use lotion after hot tubing. Silk Balance makes the water fell amazingly soft and silky. It smoothes our skin in the water and that feeling lasts after we are done. I love it! It costs more, but having soft skin after hot tubing is worth it.





SilkBalance Woodinville WA

Dear Alice,

I got my first Redwood hot tub in 1978. It was used it almost daily since I have a really bad back. Needless to say, it finally rotted out in 1990. Three years ago I purchased one of your newer fiberglass hot tubs that is unbelievable. Since I'm in my sixties, I have been hottubbing since the late 70’s and as a result I started noticing much drier skin and some incredible itching. The water checked out with the testing strips but I had to cut back my use. I was talked into trying the Silk Balance by Jon Hutter out of the Issaquah store. (By the way, he is really knowledgeable regarding water and chemicals.) Anyway, I did the flush and started using the Silk Balance program. The first thing I noticed was that the water didn't smell like the normal chemicals I was currently using which was the first plus. Secondly, my skin came out of the water and it actually felt moist and the itching cleared up. I have to tell you that I wanted to use it for at least a month before I started recommending this product. It’s been a little longer and the neatest thing about the program is how easy it is to maintain the water. Once a week I drop in 3 oz. portion and that’s it along with a little chlorine. It couldn't be easier and I couldn't be happier. Thanks again for the heads up. I can honestly highly recommend this product.

Mark Hannah
Woodinville, WA


We purchased a spa about a year ago on our doctor's advice, as she indicated that it would be therapeutic for my wife's spinal arthritis.

Indeed it was, a least up until my wife developed a serious allergy to the chemicals in the tub and would break out in an awful rash every time she got into it.

We decided to try something other than the standard chlorine/bromine solutions and heard good things about Silk Balance.

We tried it for the first time a month ago and it has been simply amazing. The water is crystal clear, there is no chemical smell, maintenance is a breeze, and best of all there has been no recurrence of the rash even after daily use for a month. I am convinced that this is the best possible solution for anyone's spa.

Sid & Sandy Wade
Spokane Valley

SilkBalance Spokane Valley



SilkBalance Woodinville WA

We love our spa and even more so since we began using Silk Balance. We can relax in knowing that our spa truly is in balance keeping our water clean and healthy. This is no "fuss, no muss" procedure making it SO simple. There is no need to deal with chemicals, testing and guess work to try to keep your spa clean The Silk Balance is much kinder to your skin so there is no dryness and itching. As you can see by the picture that water is crystal clear, and it is always that way.

Wa and Eileen Wills


Hello Dan.

We purchased our new Spa from Nancy at your Roseville CA store in November 2009. On the day we put down the deposit, a customer overheard us discussing which chemicals to use and highly recommended the Silk Balance system over any other. This is the second Hot Springs Spa we have owned and love this basically, carefree maintenance, compared to the bromine spa we had before. We also like the Silk Balance because we don't smell like chemicals or get dry/scaly skin when we get out of the spa.

Rocky and Kathy
Roseville, CA

SilkBalance Roseville CA



SilkBalance Monument CO

To Whom It May Concern,

When we purchased our hot tub about 6 months ago, the Silk Balance Spa Water Care System was recommended. Frankly, we thought it expensive but my wife's complaint with our old hot tub was that her skin felt so dry and itchy after use. The Hanson representative said with the use of Silk Balance skin problems were generally eliminated. HE WAS CERTINALY CORRECT! My wife's skin now feels soft and she experiences the same feeling of soothing lotion.

We had also begun a water aerobics class three days a week and we were both experiencing dry itchy skin due to the chlorine in the pool. We find that getting in the hot tub the evenings after aerobics eliminates this problem as well.

We highly recommend the Silk Balance System without reservation. It is well worthy the cost in order to enjoy our hot tub and frequent aerobics classes.

Elmo and Carol Gardner
Monument, CO


Dear Hanson Hot Springs and Spas,

Just wanted to let you know that I love Silk Balance. It does just what you advertise. It smells great, I don't have to use the bottles to test the water (although I did, for awhile, just to see if it worked). It's easy to just pour it in once a week and the hot tub is sweet smelling and very clear. I also love the way my skin feels, it doesn't itch or feel dry.

Thank you for recommending this product. I love it!


Christine Avalos

SilkBalance Roseville CA




Dear Hanson HotSpring Spas,

I wanted to thank you for introducing us to SilkBalance. There was an immediate improvement in the quality of the water once we began using the program. The texture of the water is now soft and smooth. Our skin is no longer dry and irritated when we get out of the spa.

This formula has been a huge difference in the quality of enjoyment we receive from our spa. Before, we hesitated to invite friends and family as we were embarrassed by the harsh effects it had on our skin. Now, our home has become the focal point of neighborhood gatherings. Everyone enjoy the spa and raves about the feel of the water.

Plus, the maintenance is SO easy. We no longer have a shelf full of different chemicals and need to constantly monitor the water characteristics.

Again, thank you for this terrific product!

Nancy Brodhagen

Luxuriously Simple Water Care