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Advanced Water Conditioner for Spas

Every spa owner deserves to enjoy great spa water. SilkBalance is leading the way in the premium spa water conditioning market – as evidenced by a plethora of testimonials and certifications in a category of chemical alternatives it created.

SilkBalance is a patented, proprietary formulation designed specifically to produce silky soft, balanced spa/hot tub water and eliminate the need for excessive chemicals. No more:

  • Algaecides
  • Alkalines
  • Clarifiers
  • Defoamers
  • Degreasers
  • Enzymes
  • pH Buffers
  • Potassium Carbonate
  • Salt Water Cell Protectors
  • Scum busters
  • Sodium Bicarbonate or Sodium Bisulfate
  • Stabilizers
  • Waterline Controls

You purchased your hot tub for hydrotherapy and relaxation, not to handle and bathe in a spa of harsh chemicals. Let SilkBalance optimize your water’s performance and allow you to enjoy your spa time. Relish a cleaner, softer, more vibrant water experience with SilkBalance as the central part of your water maintenance program.

So, considering all this, how is your hot tub water treating you?

SilkBalance is a spa water care treatment program that:

  • Leaves your water silky and soft
  • Provides crystal-clear water
  • Creates an odor-free environment
  • Maintains continuous, pure water quality
  • Balances water levels (pH and alkalinity)
  • Eliminates the need for excessive chemicals
  • Prevents spikes in water levels, making water care easier
  • Is so simple to use
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Easier to Use, Better Results.

The SilkBalance spa water care system you have come to appreciate is now more appealing.





Great Water, Made Easy

SilkBalance 38-ounce Easy-Pour Bottle

SilkBalance offers a small, easy to pour 38-ounce bottle that is perfect for a first-time trial. It is designed to last most customers two-three months, depending on how many gallons/liters the hot tub holds and how often it gets used, with an average weekly application of three-four ounces. Once your spa water chemistry is balanced, SilkBalance will maintain your water levels and eliminate the need to buy, store and handle excessive amounts of unnecessary chemicals.

SIMPLE, EASY TO USE: Check your pH and alkalinity less frequently because of SilkBalance. Less confusion and work, more time for fun and relaxation.

SilkBalance 76-ounce Easy-Pour Bottle

The 76-ounce value bottle of SilkBalance is designed to last most customers four-six months, depending on the size and usage of the spa.

Save time and sign up for the Home Auto Ship customer loyalty program through your local dealer and your SilkBalance will arrive on your schedule, right to your door. Having your SilkBalance conveniently shipped directly to you with our approved “Easy-Shipping Box” also saves you time and gas money. Now you will have more opportunities to enjoy your spa.

ENHANCED FORMULA: Both bottle sizes contain an enhanced SilkBalance formula designed for convenience and better results. Simply measure and pour once a week on any day you choose.


SIMPLE, EASY TO USE: Check your pH and alkalinity less frequently because of SilkBalance. Less confusion and work, more time for fun and relaxation.

Clean Start by SilkBalance

Before using SilkBalance for the first time, you should purge the plumbing system underneath to clean away the organic deposits in your plumbing lines from previous use. This concentrated liquid formula is specially blended to work with water of all hardness levels and is designed to deep clean the spa pipes, jets and plumbing equipment.

CLEAN START PREPARES YOUR TUB for luxuriously simple spa experiences in just hours, not days.

With the jets on high, Clean Start will flush your hot tub in 30 minutes. You can drain and refill your spa and not have to worry about lingering, foaming residue. Since there is no need for overnight soaking or multiple flushes, this process prepares your tub for luxuriously simple spa experiences in hours, not days.

At the end of the process, your spa is left with a fresh, clean scent. In addition to purging old spa water before starting the SilkBalance conditioning system, we highly recommend using Clean Start to flush the plumbing once a year. (Just remember to remove all filters along with any other ancillary items such as salt water cells, mineral cartridges, in-line sanitizers, etc. before using Clean Start).


CLEAN START PREPARES YOUR TUB for luxuriously simple spa experiences in just hours, not days.

Shock Gems by SilkBalance
(Now Available. Contact your SilkBalance dealer.)

When it’s time to shock your spa, our Shock Gems are the convenient solution because the tiny one-ounce pods are specially formulated to work in conjunction with the SilkBalance water conditioner. We’ve taken the hassle out of keeping your spa clean with this new, handy, non-chlorine chemical alternative.

ELIMINATE ODORS AND REDUCE ORGANIC CONTAMINANTS with these convenient, single-dose MPS shock gems

Because SilkBalance is not a sanitizer, you still need to oxidize any organic contaminants in the spa. Simply toss one or two of these MPS shock gems (depending on bather load) in the hot tub after soaking to remove organics such as body oil and perspiration and you’re ready for the next use.


ELIMINATE ODORS AND REDUCE ORGANIC CONTAMINANTS with these convenient, single-dose MPS shock gems

What it Does

Finally, SilkBalance has a revolutionary water care formula that will allow you to continuously enjoy a crystal clear water experience, without any detectable odors. This fresh and pure water feeling will leave you with silky, smooth water enhanced by our unique ingredients.

GREAT WATER MADE EASY: You now will have more time to enjoy your spa and spend less time playing chemist. SilkBalance is specially formulated, without harsh chemicals, to be self-adjusting. Even the annoying smell of chemicals is neutralized.
ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND: SilkBalance is safer and easier on the environment than the harsh chemicals currently used in the water care maintenance of spas.  There are no special procedures or precautions required when it comes time to drain your spa.
PROTECTS SPA EQUIPMENT: As a multi-functioning, complete water care treatment system, SilkBalance products work to help extend the life of your spa equipment components by breaking down organic deposits and continuously inhibiting further buildup that comes into your spa water.
IMPROVES/MAINTAINS H2O PERFORMANCE: By eliminating organic deposits and continuously inhibiting excess buildup, the family of SilkBalance products help allow water to flow freely throughout the internal plumbing and jet fixtures of the hot tub.  Stronger flowing jets deliver the intended power of hydrotherapy to your body and muscles. Other components, such as the internal water heater, will be able to operate better as well. All aspects of your water’s performance will improve with SilkBalance products as the central part of your water maintenance program.


What do you like about SilkBalance?

SilkBalance customers like their luxuriously simple spa experiences for many reasons: the way they feel, how the water stays balanced and crystal clear, the ease of use and the elimination of excess chemicals and chemical smells.

More SilkBalance customer reviews

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SilkBalance Helps You Enjoy Your Spa More
  • herath
    HERATH FAMILY (Otis Orchards, Wash.)

    We’ve owned our spa for more than 10 years and found ourselves using it less and less, never quite satisfied with the quality of the water. Finding and maintaining a balance in the water chemistry had always been a challenge. While discussing our frustrations, they recommended a product called SilkBalance. Wow … it works! Everything advertised is true! Clear water, soft sensations … and so easy to use and keep your water balanced and clean! We’re back to using our spa regularly and are enjoying it more than ever. Thanks SilkBalance!

  • 492 Lorna Cullen1 Baker Pool_crop
    Lorna Cullen (Troy, Mo.)

    We hesitated buying a spa due to the maintenance. SilkBalance has made it so easy to maintain a beautiful fresh clean spa. Thank you so much SilkBalance!

    492 Lorna Cullen1 Baker Pool_crop
    Tammy and Don Socks (Chelsea, Mich.)

    We have had our hot tub for years. We recently switched to SilkBalance because we were having so much trouble balancing our water. We spent so much money on chemicals and never had good results. When we started using SilkBalance, we couldn’t believe how much easier it was to maintain our water and how clear it was! Thank you SilkBalance! Switch today! You will be happy you did.

  • callister
    BRIAN CALLISTER (Suwanee, Ga.)

    I have been using SilkBalance for more than two years. This product has been all that was advertised! I no longer have the “confusion” of chemical mixes and enjoy the “clean” smell of the spa water. I would recommend SilkBalance to anyone who owns a hot tub!

  • 743_PatGuay_Olympic_crop
    Pat Guay (Renton, Wash.)

    SilkBalance has provided a carefree, luxurious and quality hot tubbing experience for our family. The cleanliness of the water and effect on us has been so much better than previous methods. The ease of use in maintaining the tub, using SilkBalance has been an additional stress reliever. Thanks for this wonderful product!

  • 535 1 Tracey Simkowiak Bullfrog Ogden_crop
    The Simkowiaks (Plain City, Utah)

    We have been using SilkBalance for more than a year. We switched from another treatment process. We are completely thrilled with the ease of using the SilkBalance hot tub conditioner. The water is always crystal clear and inviting with no noticeable odor. We never have pH problems and everything else seems to stay right in balance.

    535 1 Tracey Simkowiak Bullfrog Ogden_crop
  • collins
    COLLINS FAMILY (Seattle)

    We are the Collins Family. Pictured are my sons, Henry and Cooper. We use our hot tub regularly. In fact, I like to think of it as a second bathtub minus the soap ;o). I feel confident the hot tub is safe and clean for our daily use. We have been using SilkBalance for about a year. I like how simple the start-up process was and the upkeep. I especially like that we can all climb right into our pajamas after the hot tub without feeling dry and itchy from chemicals.

  • Judy Steagall, Happy SilkBalance Customer in Oregon
    Judy Steagall (Prineville, Ore.)

    We had difficulty getting our water balanced without being cloudy. We got it working right and attribute this to using SilkBalance. The water has stayed crystal clear and my skin itch has gone away. Yeah for SilkBalance!

    Judy Steagall, Happy SilkBalance Customer in Oregon
  • day
    LINDA DAY (Watertown, Conn.)

    I always loved going in a hot tub but after some time, I would get itchy. When I bought my own hot tub, the dealer told me to use SilkBalance. Sure enough, I spent as long as two hours in the hot tub and it’s as smooth as lotion.
    SilkBalance also makes it easier to adjust the chemicals.

  • 547 George 1 Work Lifestyles_Crop
    George Work (Bloomfield Hills, Mich.)

    I switched to SilkBalance when we replaced our old spa. Using SilkBalance is much easier than the other brand I was using, plus the water smells better. My hot tub dealer recommended SilkBalance and I am glad she did.

    547 George 1 Work Lifestyles_Crop
  • 720_AmandaDavis_WatsonsGrandRapids_crop
    Amanda Davis (Vicksburg, Mich.)

    Every hot tub owner should try SilkBalance! My husband and I started off using floating bromine cartridges in our new hot tub and I couldn’t be happier that we made the decision to switch to SilkBalance. It’s simple to use, keeps water crystal clean and feels silky smooth.

  • tolomeo
    DIANE TOLOMEO (Victoria, BC)

    We love our daily hot tub, and we love how SilkBalance keeps the water clear and sweet-smelling! It’s lovely not having to juggle the chemical balance of the spa, and the water really does feel silky. I guess that’s how it got its name! Thank you for this wonderful product!



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